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The art of gazing through Trataka.

Tratak, which means ‘gaze’ in Sanskrit, is a meditation technique that uses the sense of sight to achieve stillness of the mind. The technique is traditionally achieved by gazing at a candle flame.

How to practice Trataka:

1. Choose a calm space, preferably a dark, quiet room, away from distractions.

2. Find a comfortable seat and place a candle two feet away from you, making sure the candle flame is at eye level, or a little lower.

3. Close your eyes and breathe slowly to relax the body and develop stillness, for five to seven breaths.

4. Open your eyes and rest your gaze on the flame of the candle. When you inhale, feel the light entering through the eyes into the third eye; when you exhale, put your energy into the candle. Allow the room around you to fade until your only awareness is the flame. Gaze for as long as you can, without blinking or straining your eyes.

5. Close your eyes when you need to and sit quietly, focussing on the third eye, feeling the sensations in the body. Try to keep the image of the flame in your awareness for as long as possible, studying the colours that may appear.
Let this image and meditation be a reminder that your greatest source of light comes from within.