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 Āyurituals is a jewellery brand that represents the rituals of life, fusing minimalism with ancient wisdom, through the art of adornment. We are passionate about craftsmanship, traditional techniques, ethical production, quality materials, ancient rituals and wisdom. The brand was founded in 2020 by British Indian creative and designer, Kiran Tak. 

Drawing inspiration from her heritage, Kiran envisioned to create more than just a jewellery brand; Āyurituals is a dialogue on self-love and self-discovery.

We are dedicated to building long term-authentic relationships with partners in the UK and India, only working with family-run artisan groups and social enterprises that are committed to ethical, fair trade. All products are made by hand, with intention and purpose.  

"My offerings through Āyurituals lie at the crossroads between creativity and self-discovery. A symphony of art, adornments, creative living and ancient rituals. Adorn yourself, thread the rituals into your life and follow the path back to yourself."