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Price Transparency

Our jewellery prices reflect fair trade craftsmanship, ethical labour, fine quality materials and conscious design.

Āyurituals jewels have been handcrafted using 925 sterling silver with 24ct gold plating, which is the highest purity of gold out there. We wanted the base material of our jewellery to be sterling silver as this is a precious metal, as opposed to many brands that use bronze or brass as a base metal.

Thanks to the high level of purity of sterling silver, it makes the perfect material for gold plating as it is capable of staying shiny with regular wear. Having sterling silver as a base metal also means that the actual value of your jewel is much higher than those with a base metal of bronze or brass. Additionally, we incorporate semi-precious uncut stones into our jewels, which have been consciously sourced in India. Our semi-precious gemstones are timeless as they are presented in their uncut form, as they would have been adorned centuries ago.

What differentiates us from other jewellery brands is our dedication towards using fine quality materials, whilst working alongside a social enterprise in India to ensure environmental and ethical sustainability. We have been able to match the prices of other jewellery brands using bronze or brass as a base metal with 18ct plating, who often don't actively support artisan communities and ethical craftsmanship.
We hope you cherish your jewels for years to come.